Blessings Jar 

Last year I adopted a practice of writing down the year’s blessings on slips of paper placed in a jar to read on New Year’s Day.

Today is New Year’s Day and here I go emptying my jar:

All of us together for Thanksgiving 2016! did not happen in 2015 because of illness

Haven wore the ladybug costume for Halloween that I bought more than 8 years ago

God sent me to Acton UMC

7-11-16 music director from Acton UMC offered me part-time organist and pianist position! God is so good!

5-10-16 hailstorm passed with no damage for family

4-10-16 stupendous cantata at FUMC Weatherford – Testimony of Life by Joseph Martin

Easter Sunday all of my kids and grands together to celebrate

averted job crisis

1-26-16 beautiful service of celebration of the life of Lillie Payne

pastor accepted my proposal for Thursday and Friday off for music director position

1-10-16 FUMC Weatherford helped homeless couple

friend reached out to BBR mtgs for help with alcoholism

my 2015 skin cancer surgery brought my family closer

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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