As we near thanksgiving week, finally the weather has been cold in Texas. The crisp air rejuvenates my spirit, reminding me of 1996 when we moved into this house. 

Thanksgiving week commemorates the twentieth year I have lived in this 3 bedroom house. I raised my two sons here, as well as some of their dearest friends who lived with us at times. I was unsure that we were going to make it through, but with God’s help and the support of family and friends that He placed in our lives, we did. Lots of prayers sustained us through hard times. God always provided. Both sons are now married with lovely wives and their own children. 

I love this small blue house; I’ve lived here longer than even the homes I grew up in. So thankful that I was able to pay off the mortgage in the spring after retiring from full-time work.

My grands whom I care for each week made turkeys out of toilet paper rolls and paper plates to celebrate Thanksgiving. Last year because of illness, we could not be together, so I am especially thankful for our time together this year.

I am so grateful for all of God’s natural world: the trees, bushes, and flowers in my neighborhood where I walk daily -wisteria, bluebonnets, mint, spider lilies, hibiscus, roses. The cardinals, sparrows, chickadees, and bluejays that eat from my bird feeder. My cat Spurgeon who keeps me company each day. The supermoon of last week. The salvation God so graciously bestowed when He sent us Jesus. 

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