Chaos has always been a challenge for me. My brain and spirit needs order – I am compulsive about clean and tidy environments. I can hardly tolerate disorder. When I find myself in an untidy environment, I start picking up trash and organizing before I even realize it.

I wonder sometimes how God tolerates my chaos that I created with sin and disobedience. In my youth and early adulthood I began a rebellion that had life-changing consequences. I did finally realize the error of my ways and repented, asking God for forgiveness and changing somewhat. But I see now that God has been bringing order to my life ever since that first realization of sin. How thankful I am that He never gives up on anyone who asks forgiveness.

Of course, I still fight battles daily as do most Christians. But I am so blessed that He took charge of my life and allowed me to turn from my sinful ways. I pray I can keep  allowing Him to transform me into the person He has had in mind from the beginning.

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