Eat Lots of Cake for Me

I love all sweets, but especially moist, decadent cake with lots of icing. I didn’t realize how much I love cake until my oldest grandson Samuel looked forward to birthdays just because of the cake. Because of that, I decided to start a new tradition in our family to have a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas for all the grands. This has helped all the grands understand why we celebrate Christmas.

Heredity is a bear for many of us and unfortunately, my heredity has caught up with me in more than one way. My paternal grandfather was a Type II diabetic back in the 50’s. I remember him in his 60’s retired, smoking cigars, having trouble with mobility. My mom told me, “He has sugar diabetes.” I learned what that meant with some of the symptoms and complications that ensue as time passed.

Recently, my blood sugar level has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, mainly because I gorged on sweets after retiring from my full-time job of nine years at my church. I needed to celebrate. For the first time in 50 years I wasn’t working!

But I simply refuse to be a diabetic! The last time that I got a pre-diabetic diagnosis, I ate less sugar and began to consume more oatmeal. For some reason, oatmeal seems to help my body process the sugar I do eat. I just don’t like eating it so much in the summer; however, I have eaten it for breakfast every day since the recent diagnosis. I will defeat diabetes!

So now I cannot eat much cake, sadly! Just a tiny piece occasionally, but that is ok because I need to stay here as long as God allows. Lately, whenever, a friend has a birthday, I advise them to eat lots of cake for me!

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