Partially Retired Luxury

I loved my work as a teacher & music director. My work was something I looked forward to every day because I knew God had called me to what I was doing.

In April I resigned from my full-time job for a multitude of reasons. A lot of it was I was sick of all the nonsense I was dealing with.

At first I felt so guilty. My kids & younger friends are still caught in the daily grind. Then I realized I have worked for 50 years. Good grief! Why was I feeling guilt?

In the third month of retirement God opened more doors to a part-time job that will give me the chance to still answer God’s call. Just not full-time.

I feel like the luxury of partial retirement is the best life has ever been in many ways. I get to see my grandchildren every week now, sometimes multiple times! I have time to work on hobbies like crocheting, quilting, and writing. I prayer walk every morning first thing. What a wonderful way to begin a day!

And then there is the luxury of my afternoon nap. Pretty much the greatest thing ever in my world! I’ve been napping my whole life every chance I get and now I get to nap almost every day? How can life get any better?

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