Complaints. I have always been filled with them. Some have been valid but others not so much.

In high school I overheard a friend say I was always complaining and realized I needed to work on changing that flaw in my temperament. The change wasn’t easy as I have a tendency to evaluate everything. My inclination is to share my opinion whether requested or not.

Later, I came across a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln that spoke strongly to me: “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” From that, I realized happiness is a conscious choice. How did I want to spend my days? Forever discontented, complaining constantly or choosing to find joy instead?

The Apostle Paul enlarged my understanding with his perspective: I can be content in whatever circumstance I find myself whether full or hungry or whether having plenty or being poor (Philippians 4:12 CEB). Contentment is a different animal than happiness though. Contentment comes when I am right with God, regardless of where I find myself. This has always been difficult because I need to feel I’m in control. But I’m learning I have never been in control really.

My apologies for my complaining, Lord. I am so richly blessed to be your child. I am learning to be content with that in whatever situation I may find myself.

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